Rules & Guidelines

Youth Basketball League Rules and Guidelines

Competition Guidelines

  • All Play Rule: each player is guaranteed a minimum of 50% playing time. Each player in uniform must play one entire playing period in each half. To follow this rule, players must play an entire period from start to finish unless injured or has fouled out. 
  • Respect for Game Officials: It is expected that all coaches, players, and parents should restrain from criticizing or showing disrespect to the officials during or after games. 
  • Game Scoring Spreads: When ahead by 14 points, the coaches are expected to follow a code-of-conduct. This means no pressure at half court, using the bench extensively, no fastbreaks, and a 5-pass-before-shot-rule on offense.

Game-time Rules

  • In a game that ends in a tie there will be a 5 minute, running clock, overtime period. The first team to score two wins. If no team scores, or after 5 minutes the game is still tied, game over. 
  • A free throw shooter is allowed to cross the line on the release of the shot but cannot be the first rebounder. 
  • Each team gets 4 timeouts of 1 minute each per game. 
  • A player fouls out after 5 fouls. A technical foul on a player counts as a personal foul. 
  • Defense Rules: Teams must play person-to-person team defense and in the half court only. No full court pressure. No zone defense allowed including out-of-bounds under the basket.
  • Games begin with a jump ball. Every other jump ball situation will alternate on who obtained possession of the original jump ball.

Length of Games

  • All games are 8 minute quarters with a running clock. Clock stops only for time outs(1min.), free throws, break for quarters(1min), and half time(4 min.).