Pay Fees

Please DO NOT use these payment methods to pay Soccer Season Registration fees. Please register using our Registration System.

You can use your TeamSnap Team Website to pay most dues by clicking on the Payments tab. If a charge is not on your team's TeamSnap account, or you want to pay your training dues automatically every month, use the payment options below.

Soccer Training Fee Payment Policy

From April 1 onwards, an Accounting Person (Melissa, Madan or Tom) will be available in Room P8 of LeyVa every Monday and Tuesday from 6:15PM to 6:45PM. Parents and Team Managers can pay team fees at that time.

All training dues are due by the 25th of the previous month. For example, the May training fees are due by April 25.

Late Payment Penalty Policy

Please note that the Late Payment fees are not applicable for training dues owed for the period before Mar, 2013.
  • $15 late fees will be added if the fees are not paid by the 1st of the month. For example, if the April fees are not paid by April 1st.
  • If someone is not current on all their payments on the 1st of the Month the Team Manager will turn in the player pass for the player to the Accounting Staff in Room P8 of LeyVa Middle School. Parents can pay the dues in Room P8 at LeyVa and collect the player pass directly and give the player pass back to their Team Manager. A player cannot play in games without a player pass. As April, 2013 is the first month the late fees are going into effect there will be a 5 day grace period. Fees paid after April 5 will be charged the late fee.

Paying a one-time Fee

Using the Buy Now button below, you can pay your training, tournament, uniform or any other fees with any major credit card. We use PayPal for collecting payments securely.

Setting Up Automatic Payments Every Month

Using the Automatic Billing button below, you can have us automatically collect your monthly soccer training dues every month from your credit card or debit card. We use PayPal to process all your automatic payments securely.