Management Committee

The Evergreen United Youth Soccer Management Committee Board Members run the day-to-day operations of all our soccer league activities.
Evergreen United AYSO (Region 1590) and Division 1 Soccer Management Committee Members

Madan Bellam
  Assistant RC, Field Co-ordinator Tom Huff
Technical Director

 Jorge Espinoza
  AYSO CVPA - Child and Volunteer Protection AdvocateSabita Jasty 
  Dir of Finance Melissa Wilcox
  Division 1 Scheduling Director Paul Swart
AYSO Regional Referee AdministratorRobert Pate

 AYSO Regional Coach Administrator
Bill Smith
Division 1 Assistant Equipment and Uniform Coordinator
Irma Rodriguez
  Division 1 Head Coaches
Jorge Espinoza
Rodolfo Richardson Smith
Wilmar Bautista
Nelson Cruz
  AYSO Uniform Co-ordinator Stacey Johnston
  Event and Party Co-ordinator Comfort Hensel
  AYSO Registrar Parminder Grewal
  AYSO Asst. Registrar Sabita Jasty
  AYSO U5-U6-U8 Co-ordinator Khanh Weinberg
 AYSO U10, U14-19 Co-ordinator Tom Huff
  AYSO U12 Boys Co-ordinator Rolando Gonzalez
  Division 1 Referee Co-ordinator Wilmar Bautista
  Division 1 Registrar Gina Colin
  Division 1 Tournament Co-ordinatorPaul Swart 
  Division 1 TeamSnap Co-ordinator Bob Wilcox
  Division 1 U8 Boys Co-ordinator Madan Bellam
  Division 1 U9 Boys Co-ordinator Enrique Colin
  Division 1 U10 Boys Co-ordinator Irma Rodriguez
  Division 1 U12 Boys Co-ordinator Silvia Collin
  Division 1 U13 Boys Co-ordinator Sandra Heredia
 Division 1 U8-U12 Girls Co-ordinator Jorge Ibanez