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Rain Policy & Status

Field Status and Rain-outs for Games
For field status and rain-outs in Area 2J (includes our Evergreen United Region), you can check the websiteArea 2J Game Field Status. Please check below for Silver Oak Elementary Field game day status.

Field Status and Rain-outs for Practices

  • Silver Oak Elementary School field -  OPEN
  • Holly Oak Elementary School field -  OPEN
  • Katherine R. Smith Elementary School field -  OPEN
  • Millbrook Elementary School field -  OPEN
  • O.B.Whaley Elementary School field -  OPEN
  • LeyVa Middle School U12 field -   OPEN
For at least 48 hours after heavy rain, you CANNOT have practices or games on our fields. However, if the field is not soggy, play or practice may continue in the presence of a light drizzle. Holding practices or games on soggy fields risks losing our field permits, as grass fields can get damaged easily and require expensive maintenance work.