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Soccer FAQs


  1. Can I request for my child's friend to be put on his team?
    • We allow player/coach and buddy requests. However, these requests are not guaranteed, as this would affect team balancing. We create balanced teams so that all teams are equal in strength and there are no blowout games.
  2. I really liked the coach we had last year, can I request him for this year? 
    • Yes, you can. However, these requests are not guaranteed, as this would affect team balancing. We create balanced teams so that all teams are equal in strength and there are no blowout games.
  3. Can my player "play up" a division? 
    • Playing "up" is highly discouraged. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis only with the approval of the Regional Commissioner. Family hardships are taken into consideration and this is the most likely scenario where a player could be moved up. Players are normally not moved up for "skill reasons". The most important teaching technique in soccer is touches on the ball and we would actually decrease their touches by moving them up to a higher age group. The decision of the Regional Commissioner is final and cannot be appealed.
  4. Can my daughter play on my son's team? 
    • We highly discourage co-ed teams. It is the philosophy of AYSO that players develop better when playing with their own gender; however, we may allow girls to play on a boy's team in the U6 and U8 divisions in order to fill rosters with the parent's approval only. One boy on a roster = a boy's team.
  5. What methods of payment do you accept? 
    • We currently can only accept cash or checks (made payable to EUEF Soccer) for all registrations.. There is a returned check fee if your check is returned to us for insufficient funds, and your player may not join the team until the debt is settled.
  6. What if I can't afford the full fee? 
    • Limited Regional Scholarships are available to families who are unable to pay the full registration fee. Please send an email to to request a scholarship.
  7. What documents do I need to bring for a new player?
    • We require proof of age for all first time players, such as a birth certificate, passport, etc. We only need to verify age and do not need a copy (unless you are mailing the registration). We do NOT need proof of residency, as AYSO has an open registration policy.
  8. What if I have a returning player? 
    • Returning player information is retained in eAYSO (AYSO database), so no age verification is needed.
  9. Can I register and pay online? 
    • Not yet. We are in the process of setting up registrations through eAYSO and online payments through This answer will be updated as soon as that is setup!
  10. Where can I register? 
    • We have several registration dates scheduled. You can also mail the registration forms to us. See our Player Registration page for details.
  11. What if I can't make it to any of the registration days? 
  12. Do you offer any discounts for coaches? 
    • We sometimes have special benefits for our coaches. Please send an email to to get the benefits for the current season.
  13. How do I get a refund? 
    • Refunds may be requested in most circumstances.  Due to the terms of our group insurance policy, no refund can be given for a player who has attended any practices or games. A request to refund a player's registration fee must be made either on the Refunds online page or by sending it in writing to Evergreen United YSL, P.O. Box 730545, San Jose, CA 95173.
  14. What is included with the registration fee? 
    • Fee includes full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), soccer accident insurance, participation trophy at the end of the season.


  1. Why can't we guarantee specific players will be placed on your child's team?
    • In an effort to balance teams, we cannot honor all player requests. While every effort is made for children to play with their friends, we view soccer as an opportunity to make new friends as well.
  2. Why can't we guarantee a specific coach? 
    • The retention of players by coaches may create an unfair and unbalanced environment within a division.
  3. How are teams formed? 
    • We take into account a player's skill level (if known), years of experience and age when forming teams. We try to make them as balanced as possible. It is impossible to make all teams 100% balanced, but we do make an effort to achieve this to make it more fair and fun for all the teams.


  1. Where/When are practices held?
    • The actual practice times and fields are decided after teams are formed. Practices and games will be played in Evergreen school fields. Practices are usually on weekday evenings and games are on Saturdays. We sometimes may organize practices on Sundays to accommodate parents who are not able to make practices on weekday evenings.
  2. When does the season start? 
    • The first game for the Spring, 2011 season will be on March 19.
  3. How long are practices? 
    • No teams may practice more then 2 days per week, and each practice cannot last more then 90 minutes. Suggested days/hours of practices are as follows:
      • U5 - 30 minutes before a game
      • U6 - 1 day/week, 30-45 min
      • U8 - 1-2 days/week, 30-60 min
      • U10 - 2 days/week, 45-60 min
      • U12/U14/U16/U19 - 2 days/week, 60-90 min
  4. When are games held?
    • Most games are held on Saturdays on Evergreen school fields. U14/U16/U19 may additionally have games on Sundays, as they may travel and participate in inter-region play with other local AYSO regions.
  5. Where are the games played? 
    • We generally try to keep each age division at its own field; however, we sometimes need to change fields due to circumstances beyond our control. All games are played in the Evergreen school fields. Additionally, U14/U16/U19 may participate in inter-region play with other regions and travel to nearby cities like Cupertino, Palo Alto, Saratoga, etc. 
  6. Do you post scores/standings online? 
    • We do not post scores/standings for any divisions.
  7. What is Kids Zone? 
    • This is the contract each player and parent must sign prior to the beginning of the season which states our region has zero tolerance for player/volunteer abuse and fosters a positive environment for all involved. This also prohibits any tobacco products from the proximity of all AYSO fields during practices and games. For more information, please see the Kids Zone page.
  8. Do you do any sort of background checks on your volunteers? 
    • All volunteers who have contact with any of our players, including all Staff members, Coaches and Referees, complete a volunteer form and undergo a background check.
  9. Does any of the regional staff get paid for their roles? 
    • No. We are a 100% volunteer organization, from the referees and coaches to the Coach/Ref Administrators and Regional Commissioner. We do it for the kids!
  10. How do you find coaches for the teams?
    • Coaches are volunteer parents who are trained by us.
  11. Do you provide any training for your coaches/referees? 
    • Yes! AYSO has one of the best training programs in all of youth sports. Our training focuses on developing the whole player while promoting positive coaching and is specifically designed for each level of coaching/refereeing. We also offer mentors to assist new coaches/referees, so you don't feel like you are alone.
  12. What is the PRO Program?
    • This is the Player-Referee Organization also known as the Junior Ref Program or Youth Ref Program. This is for players who also want to volunteer as referees. Players must be in at least the U12 division to qualify.
  13. What is the VIP Program?
    • This is the program specifically designed by AYSO for special needs players. VIP (Very Important Players) participants compete with each other in a modified setting, taking into account the considerations needed for special needs players. Players ages 4 and up (no upper age limit) may participate in this program. Depending upon the needs of the player, a "Buddy" may be used on the field to assist with participation. For specific questions related to this program, please see our VIP Program page.
  14. Why AYSO soccer?