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Coach ToDo Lists

Coach To Do List at the Beginning of a Season

  • Get your team roster online from
  • Contact all your Assistant Coaches and Team Manager ASAP.
  • Sign up for a practice time/location by sending an email to
  • Call players and parents within 72 hours (If you have a bad number contact the Division Manager ASAP)
    • Welcome to the team
    • Notify Team Meeting date/time/location
    • Notify the parents of practice days/times and note conflicts. Players remain on the assigned team as long as the player can attend one of the team's practices each week. Players may not request a change of team based on coach or buddy requests.
    • Notify parents of 1st practice
    • Notify your Division Manager of player conflicts. Notify parents that changing teams may result in placement on waiting list.
  • Your First Team Meeting
    • Coordinate with your team manager.
    • Team Managers have a roster template to help you keep all your information in one place!
    • Invite both players and parents, assistant coaches, and team manager. The team manager will help with the organization of this meeting.
    • At the meeting
      • Introductions (Coach, Assistant Coaches and Team Manager)
      • Cover Team Philosophy
        • Player Development comes before Winning
        • Every player plays 75% of every game, unless a player is injured or sick
        • Balanced Teams. Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible because it’s more fun and a better learning experience when teams of similar ability play. It allows for each player to gain the experience of a wide variety of teammates of different skill levels.
        • Kids Zone parent pledge to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when watching games. Parents should never address a Referee before, during or after a game.
      • Allow the children to choose a name for your team.
      • Communicate Practice dates
      • SIGN UP PARENTS FOR TEAM JOBS. Setting up and tearing down goals before games.
      • Let the kids play / goof around together to learn each other’s names, etc
  • Start your practices
    • At every practice, every player should have shin guards, a correct sized ball, and a water bottle
    • Make your practices 100% (OK, 90%) FUN!
    • Focus on skill development by following our curriculum for your age group
    • Make sure everyone is picked up (on time)
    • Leave NO TRASH on the field
  • Attend the Coach Season Kick-off Meeting
    • You will receive player uniforms and some practice equipment at this meeting.
    • The Coach Administrator and other Staff members will review information regarding the upcoming season with you and answer any questions you may have.

In case of a Soccer Related Accident

AYSO must track soccer related accidents. Please email the Safety Director at Use the accident report form. Play it safe! Report it! Thank you, parents and coaches for your cooperation.

Coach To Do List at Games

  • Review the Game Protocols for All page for related information.
  • Print game card before each game.
  • Know which players are not able to come to the game. Make you game plan / line-up before Game day. Substitute such that all players get 3 quarters playing time. No player can play 4 quarters before every other player has played at least 3 quarters. Substitute only at end of Quarters or at Halftime.
  • Arrive at the field 30 minutes before game time. Tell parents to be at the game 30 minutes before game time. This gives yo the time to get the players focused and remind them what you worked on in practice that week. Have a warm-up routine that is the same every time. Reward the first 2 or 3 that show up by being the captains for the day.
  • Get your parents to help when setting up or taking down nets. As a coach you need to be focused on the kids and not having to scramble around to get the field set up or tore down. Don't allow your parents to use our program as day care. Get them involved.
  • Players must wear shin guards for all games and all practices. No jewelry or hats. Prescription glasses only – non tinted.
  • Before the game starts, give the Referee one of your pre-done line-up cards
  • Before the “quarter” ends, have your subs prepped and ready to go. Don’t try to move everyone around on the field during these short breaks. The clock is running! The players must stay on the field.
  • Behave appropriately towards referees; keep parents in check.
  • Avoid blowing out weaker teams. See Preventing Blowouts.
  • Water and fruit for half time (NO Sugar or Sugar water)
  • After the game always show good sportsmanship
    • Cheer for the other team: 2 – 4 – 6 – 8, who do we appreciate, The Pumas!
    • Team to team handshake, coaches too.
    • EVERYONE shakes hands with the referees.
    • Parent Tunnel for the kids.
  • Make sure everyone is picked up (on time). Leave NO TRASH.