6v6 Rules and Regulations

Coaches Notes

We have the following Divisions:
  • U8 Boys, U10 Boys, U12 Boys, U14 Boys
  • U8 Girls, U10 Girls, U12 Girls, U14 Girls
This tournament is not CYSA, US Club or AYSO sanctioned. We have our own insurance through Evergreen United Education Foundation and you are not restricted by CYSA, US Club or AYSO paperwork and travel rules. We use the honor system to monitor ages.
  • Individual players signing up will be placed on teams by us.
  • If you have light and dark uniforms, please bring both sets. We will have bibs in case of color conflicts or if a new team does not have uniforms.
  • All games will start at the scheduled time with a central horn. If teams aren’t ready to play when the horn blows, they will lose valuable playing time. Get to the field early, find the other coach and work out uniform colors. There will be plenty of space to warm up.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each division will receive medals and a team trophy.
  • Each division may have a different format to determine the champion, with some going to play-offs and some using a league formula, depending on the number of teams in the bracket.

Tournament Rules

  • Any controversy, interpretation of the rules or disciplinary action shall be ruled upon by the Tournament Director.
  • All players must be the appropriate age. We are using the 2011-2012 calendar. Any team caught using over-age players will be disciplined. The ruling will be made by the Tournament Director and could include the forfeit of games.
  • Players can’t play for two teams.
  • All games will be 2 x 15 minute halves, with a 1 minute half-time. There will be no injury or stoppage time, unless there is a serious medical emergency. 
  • In the group play, ties will stand. In the playoffs, there will be a 5 minute golden goal period, followed by FIFA penalty kicks, with 3 kicks instead of 5.
  • Substitutions are to be made “on the fly”. The player coming off must be running towards the sidelines before the sub can run on.
  • There is no off-sides.
  • The ball does not have to go forward on the kick off, it can be played back.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds, it will be restarted with a throw-in, corner kick or goal kick, depending on where it went out of bounds and who touched it last. These will be in-direct. Kickoffs are also in-direct.
  • Goal kicks are to be taken from inside penalty arc and must be kicked outside the penalty arc before they can be touched by another player. Goal kicks can’t be kicked over midfield in the air unless they touch another player before crossing the midfield line.
  • All fouls committed outside the penalty box will be in-direct kicks. All fouls committed in the attacking penalty box by the defending team will be FIFA penalty kicks from 12 yds, except for balls passed back and picked up by the keeper. These will be indirect from the nearest spot on the penalty arc.
  • In the event that in the play-offs a team is scheduled against a team from group play or a team from the same club then the pairings will be adjusted according to seeding so that they don’t play each other.
  • A player who receives a red card must sit out the first half of the next game. If a player receives a second red card, it will be reviewed by the Tournament Director and the player will receive at least one full game suspension and possible expulsion from the tournament.
  • Walls must be set at least 5 yards from the ball.
  • The goalkeeper cannot punt, drop kick or throw the ball over midfield without it first bouncing in his/her own half or touching another player. This does not apply when the keeper has the ball on the ground at his/her feet.

Point System

Six points will be awarded for a win and 3 points for a tie. Teams will also get one point for every goal up to 4. (Maximum 10 points for a 4-0 win and 7 points for a 4-4 tie.)

The tie breaker will be the following criteria in preferential order:
  • Head-to-head results. If 3 teams are tied, once a team has been selected as the Division winner, the remaining teams move onto the next tie breaker (goal differential) and so on.
  • Goal differential, maximum of 5 per game.
  • Goals for
  • Goals against
  • Penalty kicks if both teams are present. (If not present, ruling will be made by the Tournament Director)